Hello there! I am known around the internet under a certain username which I won't reveal just yet, though I probably will do so sometime in the future; in the meantime, just call me EVA-01.

While I only recently started using this website in a serious, "straightforward" way very recently (more exactly, March 2023), this website was actually created in 2020! Back when this site was called "pillarsofaether.neocities.org", I originally intended to use it for an alternate reality game (ARG) for a canned game project, then later to stock version information for an online multiplayer megaman zero fangame, then later for another ARG this time for a game project that I am working on from time to time, etc. I also changed domain names more than once before "pillarsofaether".

One day, I needed to make an Evangelion-themed website for an Evangelion game project but I was too lazy to set up a gitpages, so I unearthed my neocities account, changed my url to eva01.neocities.org... and here we are. (keep in mind that this site is still very early, more stuff will be added over time!)

Fun fact: I didn't actually plan on using the "eva01" url for this site! My original wish for the new url was "ramiel.neocities.org", which I picked because Ramiel is the 5th Angel (only in the original series; Rebuild Ramiel was changed to be the 6th), and 5 is my favourite number of all time (my online username contains 3 of 'em!). However, this url was taken, so I settled on "eva01", named after the most iconic EVA in the series.

As I mentioned, I plan to use this website as an "homepage" of sorts to showcase progress on an Evangelion game project I am working on, but I want it to also be a hub of information on the Evangelion series in general, a shrine of sorts. I may even showcase non-Evangelion stuff from time to time, such as things relating to the framework this game will be made with!

Alright I've run out of things to say about me, how 'bout you leave me a message on the home-page's chatbox?