Evangelion fangames

As a few people may know, there has been relatively few Evangelion fan-games considering how massive the anime's worldwide impact (no pun intended) was. This page will attempt to track as much fan-games of Evangelion as possible; if you know of a fan-game but you can't see it there, leave a comment on my profile and I will update the list ASAP.

Boyfriend of Steel

An openly pro-LGBTQ+ Evangelion visual novel and obviously a fan-made spiritual successor to Girlfriend of Steel. As the title suggests, this fangame allows Shinji to date not only Kaworu, but also all of Evangelion’s school-age male cast.


An Evangelion-themed total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004. Originally released in 2005, this mod demarks itself from regular UT2K4 gameplay is through several special abilities available to the EVAs. Obviously, this mod is strictly deathmatch-oriented and as such features no story, though features locations reminiscent from the original material.

Neon Genesis: EVADOOM

An Evangelion-themed Doom II WAD which puts you in the seat of EVA-01 as you battle Angels across Tokyo-3. It is based on ripped assets from Evangelion 64.

Neon Genesis Evitalian

An incredible Evangelion-themed Super Mario 64 Romhack made by CowQuack featuring custom cutscenes, cinematics, and a brand new control system with the Evangelion (renamed here "Evitalian"). It features an altered and heavily shortened story which replaces all characters with Super Mario characters. Note that a vanilla rom of Super Mario 64 is required for legal reasons.

Unnamed 2021 Evangelion fangame by "Noko Taro"

A 2.5D Evangelion fangame made in the Unity engine by "Noko Taro". So far we have no info on the game besides this single 2021 teaser video, may possibly have been canned; putting this here nonetheless for archival purposes.

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